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What is LGP?

A Living Lab for Professional Skills Development that brings together industry and academia.

Why a Living Lab for Professional Skills Development?

Develop students’ software project management skills and team work skills in software projects.

Students will be capable of solving a vast diversity of problems, which may happen in these projects.

This course unit also stimulate students’ entrepreneurship.

Lab offers an ideal environment for students to develop important skills so that they face future industrial challenges with more confidence.

Skills: project management, team work, customer interaction, entrepreneurship, marketing and communication, …

LGP environment

4th year, 2nd semester, over 200 students from different courses (MIEIC, MM, MESG, MESW, ..) from the University of Porto.

Industry partners are involved in the teaching process by asking them to act as both clients and educators.

Industry partners propose a project they would like to outsource.

A team of students has to develop and sell the product to the client.

Experience, results and benefits

20 years (21 editions) of experimentation and improvement.

240 teams corresponding to an equal number of projects (over 1750 students).

Continuous innovation process on the basis for course refinement.

Suggestions of the different stakeholders are analyzed for future editions of the course.

Changes are introduced every edition to improve students experience and get better results.

Creating new challenges to the students every year (avoid routine and “knowledge transfer” from former students).

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